SME and startup business is at the greatest risk of failure due to loss of people – Are you vulnerable?

For most businesses, Payroll is a necessary evil rather than core business – outsourcing to experts is common practice.  If you are a start-up, outsourcing this function is a no-brainer!

Are you wasting precious time on a non-core function? Are you staying compliant with state and federal regulations? Are you exposed to unnecessary risks?

You may have these responsibilities in hand. But if you feel stretched thin by payroll administration, legal compliance, data security, and recordkeeping, you may want to consider outsourcing.

Through PayRoller’s Contractor Payroll and Management Services, you can access the talent you need when you need it without inflating the size of your permanent workforce or facing unnecessary risks and costs associated with contract labour classification, payroll and management.

PayRoller can look after your permanent payroll and handle invoicing and margin payment to third party labour suppliers such as Recruitment Agencies and On-demand Talent platforms.

PayRoller’s ‘hassle free’ approach means that you simply find the talent you need for your business, and we handle the rest.

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