Access to Talent is Growing, and so are the Risks – Are you Exposed?

Today’s workforce mix is increasingly made up of workers who are ‘non-traditional’ or ‘non-permanent’.  According to the ATO, 28% of Australia’s workers are non-permanent.

An agile workforce helps scale operations, minimise cost, gain access to rare skills and achieve competitive advantage.  Compliance counts when it comes to capitalising on these opportunities – ignorance is not a defence.

Through PayRoller’s Contractor Payroll and Management Services, you can access the talent you need when you need it without inflating the size of your permanent workforce or facing unnecessary risks and costs associated with contract labour classification, payroll and management. We can also help with permanent payroll processing to supplement your in-house function or for special projects.

PayRoller’s ‘hassle free’ approach means that you simply find the talent you need for your business, and we handle the rest.

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